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Friday, March 10, 2006

Asalam Alaykum


A few minutes ago i successfully put my fist in my mouth, It was hard work but i managed it somehow. My hands are quite large or so I have been told so this is quite an achievement. I almost puked at one stage but was able to withdraw my hand quick enough to prevent that. I checked in the mirror to verify that the entire fist beyond the knuckle had gone in. For hygiene reasons i used my right hand.

My mouth is really aching now, and my hand smells weird. There was also more saliva than anticipated which could have been a factor in the success. I hope this hasn't broken my wudhu.

Man the khutbah sucked balls today, couldn't understand a word the dude was saying, but i guess I can figure out the jist of it regardless; Pray more, sin less.....still ain't likely to go to heaven.


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