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Sunday, May 21, 2006

The future

You know what's weird.............

I'm touch typing right now. It's so weird. How do my hands manage to hit the right keystroke without looking, with atleast an 61 % success rate? Probably one of lifes great miracles or probably another one of my unnoticed talents, I would like to believe the latter.

Anyway back to this weeks rant, some thoughts on the future;

1. Sometime in the future I will die. Possibly in a minute and hour or probably in the distant future. Not many people think about death cos they're tools, I think about it all the time, I'm not really scared of dying cos everyone dies. I just hope that I die in a really cool way like get executed or assasinated for being an awesome freedom fighter or something. I also hope i've lived a some what fulfilling life by the time I die and raised a family who share and propagate my ideals.

2. There are so many people I haven't met. Statistically there has to be some one out there just like Tyler Durden or Che in everysingle way. I have to spend my life finding these people. If you read this and you're not plops you're almost definately not one of these people.

3. Unless I'm doomed to a life of singledom and being a loser Virgin all my life, my wife is out there somewhere :D. I hope she's hot and not a complete and utter tool, cos that would suck real bad. Just imagine she probably doesn't even know me yet and thank God all my female cousins are either older than me or atleast 15 years younger than me.

4. The world will probably continue degenerating, it would be interesting to see where this whole war on terror thing will go. I want to watch how the retard Americans and loser terrorists find new ways of escalating the planets journey towards self destruction. It would also be nice to see oil finally run out and the Ice caps melt.

5. It will be cool to see all the lamoids i meet enter their monotous cycle of work and mere existing. They had their chance, let em rot with the system.

6. Graduation will be awesome, finally. Being fluent in Arabic and Hebrew will be amazing and passing with a good degree will be good iA.

7. Will women finally become dominant and ruin the Earth? Definately not but raising this topic gives me an oppurtunity to rant. Man hating women suck- These bitter old closet lesbians need to move on and face reality, Men will continue to rule the world in the future despite the rising number of pussy men out there, do something useful with your time and channel that hatred in to doing something useful like learning to cook.

8. How many more trophies will Liverpool win? They're going from stength to strength. It's so awesome.

9. Venezuela and Latin America- I really need to brush up on my spanish, cos it is really kicking off down there. Viva Chavez. Viva Morales.

10. What will love feel like?............ I had to end with something gay.


  • At 3:49 AM, Blogger Modest Hijabi said…

    ur blog is the best blog ever

  • At 12:19 AM, Blogger PLOPS said…

    "If you read this and you're not plops you're almost definately not one of these people"

    Damn right.

  • At 3:28 AM, Blogger Pink said…

    lol... you've been busy. gave up checkin this blog.

    congrats on getting thru final yr - altho i dont get how u're finishing at 19 - did u skip a yr or something? anyway mashaAllah, good stuff.

    "channel that hatred in to doing something useful like learning to cook." - u should try that sometime :p

    thought age was irrelevant in those paki cousin arrangements?

  • At 4:17 PM, Blogger Shafik said…

    Salam I'm not graduating age 19 lol, I'm leaving my current course aged 19 and starting a new one in September. There's a long way til i graduate. So not good stuff, stoners are gonna graduate before me.

    I'm not going to waste my time learning to cook. It's a skill i'm never going to use. It's something for women to learn not men. I may aswell learn knitting or breast feeding too (urgh). It's nature and weird stuff happens when you break natures laws.

    And i'd never marry my cousin anyway.

    Anyhoo I hope you're cool and exams ain't getting to you. Ia you'll pass them with ease.



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