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Monday, July 31, 2006


If every Muslims could dance like this; ......daawah would be easy.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


The disease of Feminism seeks to infect the Islamic world with it false promises of womens liberation.

For those of you unfamiliar with the basic tenets of this murderous ideology on par with some of the worst extremes of communism I have produced a brief summary;

The right for all hot women to be whores.

The right for all ugly women to be lesbians.

The right for both ugly and hot women to wear trousers metaphorically and literally and pretend they're men.

As a result of it's popularity and propagation by western capitalist bastards most women in the world fall in to one of the 3 above categories.

Its effect may seem innocent enough on the surface but in reality, it seems set to bring about the end of the world.

Let me explain;

The feminist creed states inaccurately that men are equal to women thus ignoring all biological difference.

As a result in many western countries females seek to enter employment seeking to compete with their male counterparts.

By doing this they forsake their duties as mothers, which leads to a decreasing birthrate.

A decreasing birthrate means a workforce cannot replace itself.

Put simply not enough people are being/going to be made to replace those who are going to retire/die.

This means people have to work longer.

Naturally there are limits to how much longer a person can work, eventually people will die, there will not be a big enough work force to support the increasing number of dependents and eventually the Economy will collapse*.

*Once the Economy collapses the world will end and China will take over and eat us all.

The end of the world is a fate calmy looked over by most lesbo-fascists, glossed over with 'women are equal' mantras and so on. In doing so ignoring some basic facts of the reproductive process; A mans role in the reproductive process is over in a few minutes. A womans lasts 9 months. So while a man can go out and climb corporate ladders and work his ass of, a woman who cares about the future of humanity would have to commit atleast 9 months of her life plus years to raise the child.

So feminists are going to make us work longer and eventually make our hard work futile when the economies of the west collapse.

DISCLAIMER FOR TOOLS; I am not against women working, just neglecting motherly responsibilities to progress in careers which are often mundane, dull and going nowhere.

And theres the abortion baby killing, feminists love so much, I was reading some feminist garbage very recently which wanted unlimited abortion rights including no time limits. Now bare that in mind when you routinely see babies being born months before their expected date quite healthily. What kind of animal seeks to destroy something which has developed so far in to a human?

So how does lesbo fascism affect the average Muslim?

Lots of tools would probably think religion had something to do with my views. When in reality I don't really care if ladies even wear the hijab or not.

In a traditonal Muslim nuclear family; Man goes out to work, lady makes home, lady makes babies. Man feeds baby and lady. Man treats his biyotch (lady) to some luxuries, lady stays thin until 40, lady and man live happily ever after, man gets more ladies.

Nowadays particularly in the west and increasingly back home; man goes to work is lady's biyotch.

Now obviously I don't care if most men are pussies, on an individual level it reflects good on those who aren't pussies, but when they bring themselves down to the level of desperate hornball eager to please/get his woman on a huge scale they start to bring down our great religion aswell. One look at muslim youth forums and university isocs/msa's and you'd see Muslims more motivated by pussy than any love for their religion.

I should bring this to a close now, people are going to think I'm such a bigot, but one last thing.

I can't blame this on feminism but why are all religious non hoe muslim chicks in England my age such fugs? Why? Even the best are like average at best. Actually feminism probably does share the blame somewhere....haven't figured out where....

I would have lost all hope if it weren't for Malaysia: I'd like to thank the numerous arab, few paki and countless malay chicks who gave me hope.

Thank you


Monday, July 24, 2006

'Why Muslims Are Wankers'

Do you think there was a point in Hitlers life where he thought maybe what I'm doing to the jews is a teensy bit extreme? The force of hatred is a powerul thing, enough to turn hot, talented and intelligent guys like Hitler in to minions of evil.

Anyhoo as part of my 'Why Muslims are Wankers' Series I'm going to list all the reasons why Muslims are indeed wankers. Not in the sock and cucumber sense let me assure you, so stop rolling those freakishly ugly eyes of yours and I shall beginith.

1. Muslims are Stupid; The number of Muslim intellectuals out there is miniscule. The ones that are usually belong to some long dead pseudo mutazalite school of thinking that betrays the real principles of Islam. This applies more to men more than women; In my university ISOC the average guy can barely string a sentence together. There are clever women out there but their faces suck so nobody is going to take them seriously.

Seriously though I doubt many of them have read a book which wasn't written by a third rate 'Islamic scholar' on the etiquettes of refuting shia lies.

2. Muslims are Pussies; Obviously not literally, though that would be interesting. This is on a political level aswell as a personal one. Most suffer from paralysis of the balls and lack the testicular fortitude to match rhetoric with any substance. Most recently we see the Arab and Muslim states stand idly as Lebanon is raped, some have even gone as far as condemning Hezbollah for resisting the Zionist hordes.

Just the tip of the iceberg; Iraq was bitch slapped in front of the whole world, American tanks were met by Muslim inaction, the type which has typified Muslim response to any foriegn invasion during the past 100 years.

Locally we hear alot of half hearted condemnation wrapped in political sweet talk and protests that make exactly zero difference but never anything that actually affects our enemy or sends a message the world hasn't heard before.

Some Danish low life attention whore can publish a few crappy cartoons and I can't drink a yoghurt drink without feeling I've betrayed my Religion, yet America can speed up it's delivery of bunker busting bombs to israel so it can destroy Hezbollah and not even a hint of a boycott.

3. Muslims are Stupid; We face an enemy much stonger than us, conventionally it would be impossible to take on the mllitary might of the West. How do you fight a war you know you can't win?

Bomb random people who have done nothing to you?

Create more enemies from people who would have potentially supported your cause?

Bomb Shias because of a obscure political incident which occured in the 7th centruy?

Support a group of former rapists, extortionists and thugs who claim to fight in the name of Islam yet commit acts of ruthless murder?

If you answerd Yes to any of the above questions please cut off your balls. Procreation was not designed for your likes.

What happened to guerilla warfare? It worked in Afghanistan against the Soviets, Vietnam against the Americans, Algeria against the French. What happened to proapaganda and media wars? Battles for hearts and minds? Wars are thought on battlefields and intellectually.

This mindless massacre of shias, Iraqis queing for jobs, children collecting sweets, doctors, teachers, footballers wearing shorts does NOT end occupations. The people who commit and support such acts are not martyrs. Just very evil people who end up hurting the very Ummah they claim to fight for.

I'm going to add some more later, theres lots I've got to add like; Feminism, Women who's faces suck, Pussy guys etc.

Anyhoo i'm back from Malaysia/Singapore/Thailand. One of my four wives is going to be Malaysian so congratulations to the Malaysian nation on that awesome feat, 150 something nations are left battling it out for the other 3 positions. I'm sorry Bangladesh, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Mongolia, The Peoples Democratic Republic of Swaziland and Lesotho please stop trying.

Also I'm such a materialist like Oh my god. I bought like 2 ipods, a nintendo ds, gold, clothes. The five star hotels, the hookers without aids and herpes* Gandhi would be rolling in his grave.

* No hookers I swear by God there were no hookers.

Monday, July 10, 2006


Zizou..........I still love you.

Fuck you Italy

Thursday, July 06, 2006


The number of old white men with their thai girlfriends here is amazing. I must have counted atleast 30 such couples.

The Muslim population here, who make up 35% of the island are awesome, I've eaten with them, talked to them, seen where they live and they've been nothing short of helpful. That's what I wanted to experience while out here, more than the beaches and buzzing metropolis's and halal mcdonalds. I wanted to meet with natives and experience their lives. If I had come out her by myself and for longer I would have assimilated myself more, but it's cool, something I can work on in the future.

BTW the people here are hardcore TJ's not the annoying hypocrite type who macks/clubs/drinks and goes jamaat in the west, but the proper sincere type.

Off to Bangkok on Saturday, more decadence and trannies, but only there for 4 days. Then It's off to Singapore.

Were it not for my family and 1 or 2 friends I would not want to come back. When you're out here you realise how sane people here are and how people in the west are so mentally fucked up.

Deep Breath. Still 2 weeks until 'reality' gets me. Now that I got the travel bug inshallah i'll be visiting alot more countries/peoples in the future.