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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Weird People

Dear Mr. *ME*,

I am delighted to inform you about our decision to offer you a place for T608 (Arabic/Hebrew) at the University of Manchester in 2006. You will be informed officially about our decision by UCAS within the next couple of weeks.My congratulation and best wishes for your studies,

It's official; from September 2006 I start life as a liberal arts student. The pakis and the paki within me have questioned the career prospects of such a move but alas i did not relent.

Hey anything which gets me closer to those Jewish chicks is fine by me. (Urgh......but I'm sure they exist)

Moving on I'd like to talk about lame white people, as opposed to non-lame white people (trust me they do exist). I live in a flat with 6 lame white people, some lamer than the others. One of them has very obscure ideas on what qualifies as humour.

You see for him making screetching noises without any prompt whatsoever at 1.53 am in the morning is humor. His very cultured taste in humor also includes monkey noises and a sound that goes like 'mow mow'......wait and i just heard 'kachkakaka'.

You'd think 19 years of nurturing and education would give this guy a sense of humor built on something more profound than animal noises, but no.

19 years this guys been alive and he still hasn't developed a sense of humor.

I think unfunny people have no souls.

And people with no souls ain't human.

They are sheeple.

And we kill sheep.

So it follows I must kill my housemate.........or piss in his shampoo (Done)

Revenge served with in the bounds of English law has it's limitations but i guess knowing he's washing his hair in my urine is a satisfying thought.

..........I didn't pee in his shampoo......well.......

....maybe a little

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Graffiti left by kids at McDougall Posted by Picasa

More Pics Posted by Picasa
You see the picture at the top? That abhorrent act of vandalism was commited by little children. Wallahi little children! The future does not bode well for the Ummah.
It was at a mosque aswell. That kind of shit takes planning. Kids just don't get up one day and decide to vandalise a mosque. These kids probably had people working on logistics, intelligence, planning........

Monday, March 27, 2006

ISOC Brothers Camp Friday 24th March To Saturday 26th March 2006, Alston, Cumbria.

Riverbank Posted by Picasa

Being the unpredictable party animal that I am I decided to go to a Brothers camp organised by the ISOC, I usually end up regretting doing things I've done purely on impulse, and at times this trip was no exception. On the whole however this proved to be an awesome and very beneficial trip. Below and above (cos I can't edit for crap) are pictures of the trip. These were taken in a hurry and on a camera phone but they're alrite. I'll give some kind of commentary or explanation on some of these. I'll add more tomorrow.

Random Yemeni guy's back Posted by Picasa

Definately a highlight, jumping across slippery rocks to cross a stream a few inches deep brought out the macho adventurer in me. Of course i slipped got my shoes and socks wet and broke my watch but it was worth it. As we struggled along hills paved with loose rocks I took on the 'help the guy struggling' role which added to my machoness.

eerie Posted by Picasa

If you were here and could hear the roar of the river as it pushed millions of gallons of water you would have been in awe. Truly a miracle of Allah (swt) we all take for granted.

Awesome Posted by Picasa
There was horse shit everywhere but still it was beautiful.

Minifall Posted by Picasa
Definately one of the best scenes there was this waterfall. Living in the city you're led to believe that beautiful scenery is only found in some exotic region of Africa or South America. Finding such scenes in England was definately a pleasant suprise. Sure this is no rainforest or serengetti (sp) but compared to the beggar/tool/sheep infested streets of Manchester sights like these were definately amazing.

Nice paper mosque Posted by Picasa
Back at the hostel we were tasked with designing a mosque using just newspaper and cellatape. this mosque won, quite deservedly. It was designed by an engineer *hmphhh*.

erm....... Posted by Picasa
...........this was our's a fusion of the post modern neo classical existentationalist school of architecture and medieval Moroccan oriental schools................honest.......erm.......anyway 'Masjid Rob Owen' named after our victorious Anti-Zionist General Secretary elect boasted a sisters section, observatories (not seen in the picture) and a gentlemans wudhu khana located strategically next to the sisters section, this was my idea of course and I don't think the judge took too kindly to it though several brothers did. The premise being that now wudhu and wife hunting could be combined .....naturally.........I am a man of ideas and innovation................

:faint: Posted by Picasa
'And the earth, He has set it for living creatures. Therein is fruit and palms having sheathed clusters................ Which then of the favours of your Lord will you deny?'- Quran 55:10-55:13

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Yesterday Today.


Anyway I voted. I let good old Andy vote for me, and even the Godfather got my vote. He made me an offer i couldn't refuse...............................

Sorry that was bad, especially taking in to account my very high standards of humor.

So today involved standing on the corner of SU selling somebody else to strangers........ I feel dirty and used....... Haha...... See what i've done there. Hope Rob does fingers were so numb with cold i couldn't bend em.

I'm sory for the innuendo *EDITED* ........shit there i go again.

Seriously i'm not doing that intentionally....I was going to talk about hijabis but now i feel uncomfortable.......

The English language is so dirty.

This is so un-muslim like of me.


Here we go...........

I'd like to thank everybody who helped me shift those leaflets by taking them off me. Thank you, each and everyone of you. A special thanks to those who smiled while taking made me feel all warm on the inside.

So those hijabis huh....I'm gonna keep quiet on this one......I understand some of them may come across this blog. It happened on Islamica may even happen here.

Moving on Short Indian Women......push in front of me in queues why don't you? Rely on your 4'8 skinny skanky ass woeful looks to push your way through life. *EDITED*

*This Post Has Been Edited. Haya kicked in.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Asalam Alaykum


A few minutes ago i successfully put my fist in my mouth, It was hard work but i managed it somehow. My hands are quite large or so I have been told so this is quite an achievement. I almost puked at one stage but was able to withdraw my hand quick enough to prevent that. I checked in the mirror to verify that the entire fist beyond the knuckle had gone in. For hygiene reasons i used my right hand.

My mouth is really aching now, and my hand smells weird. There was also more saliva than anticipated which could have been a factor in the success. I hope this hasn't broken my wudhu.

Man the khutbah sucked balls today, couldn't understand a word the dude was saying, but i guess I can figure out the jist of it regardless; Pray more, sin less.....still ain't likely to go to heaven.